As Orthodox Christians, we recognize that prayer is an essential part of our daily lives that guides our actions. Prayer is also an invaluable contribution to helping the homeless and poor in America.  We ask that you remember FOCUS West Central PA, its staff, and all those we serve in your daily prayers.


A Prayer for FOCUS West Central PA

O Heavenly King, Comforter, who grants all blessings,
we thank You for Your abundant grace and mercies.
Help us to be good stewards of Your treasury
through the ministry of FOCUS West Central PA.

Help us to strip ourselves of our earthly adornment,
that the poor may be sufficiently clothed and fed.
And, by so loving our neighbor,
adorn us with the everlasting pearls of virtue instead.

Where there is suffering, help us to bring Your mercy.
Where there is despair, Your hope;
Where there is pain, You who are the Comforter;
Where there is hatred, You who are Love;

Daily guide our lives and our work in FOCUS West Central PA,
So that we may do all things,
In every place and at all times,
For Your glory.



Photo credit: Evangelidis