Director Resignation Notice

Megaphone making an announcement

Dear Volunteers and Donors:

I have announced my resignation effective today (March 1) to our national FOCUS office as volunteer director of FOCUS WEST CENTRAL PA for personal reasons.  These reasons include at least 8 grand-children, working 2 days a week and continuing in priestly duties.  My clock and calendar has just become too full.  I am so grateful for what each of you have contributed and continue to contribute to this ministry.  You are the reason it is hard to step down but it a decision I need to make.  Please note that Joni Volitich continues as assistant programs coordinator and is in the office each Thursday from 10-4.  I am grateful to all who coordinate our breakfast program, our backpack program, clothing and emergency food program, and maintain our website.  Note our website is updated regularly so please check it.  Thanks to all for everything and God bless you.


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