Christmas Update

Dearest Friends, Volunteers, and Supporters of FOCUS West Central PA:

We are fast approaching a very special time when we celebrate the Greatest Gift the world has ever received.  All children know it is a celebration of gifts.

Here at FOCUS, we have become so preoccupied with giving that we tend to forget about receiving. This December, we received many new volunteers to help us fulfill our ministry. Thank you to all of them for their time and effort!

By the grace of God, we received a large donation from the CAST Ministry (Churches are Serving Together), a non-profit that was dissolved in recent days. This un-designated gift will allow us to build a space in our facility to house food to feed 400 students per week over a month. This would amount to about 16 tons of food for our week-end backpack program.

Just before the Christmas school break we were invited to attend  concerts at the Big Beaver Falls Elementary School, where the music director requested donations as admission to the concert. All proceeds were delivered to the FOCUS West Central PA office on Thursday, December 20th. We received 14 large boxes of so many things we needed, which stocked our closet and backroom with emergency food.

I continually am amazed at how God provides.

All of you are also a gift we have received through your time, energy, donations, and prayers.  Thank you, and as you spend time with your loved ones this season, remember our Greatest Gift: “Christ Is Born!  Glorify Him!”