End of Year Update

Dearest Volunteers, Donors, and Friends:

As we near the end of this year, I would like to thank  you personally for your support of FOCUS West Central PA this year.  Your financial support has enabled us to reach 200 elementary students per week with food that they would not otherwise have.  Unless you have been there personally, you would not have seen the 10-16 volunteers who come each Friday to pack bags and bins, and help deliver 20 fifty-pound bins of food to elementary buildings near our center.  To see the joy and enthusiasm  of volunteers (especially in their hearts) is always my payday!

As we end this year and plan for next, our hope is to increase the number of backpacks, expand to other schools, and begin to lay the infrastructure to do this.  We are not building highways, but bridges in the communities with parishes, schools, and volunteers.  This takes time and patience. Many of the schools we identified several months ago look forward to this with zeal and dedication. Their buildings are beautiful, but the poverty residing within them rests at about 25% on average.

As this expansion begins we must create more space in our current building, which has been graciously offered to us at no cost. We will need to buy more steel wire racks (6) to hold twice the food we store now when it is delivered monthly.  The space will need remodeling.  When all of this is accomplished, we will be able to pursue our endeavor of helping 400 students per week, double our current reach and double the cost.  Please continue your support in the coming year for this needed ministry in our area.  Equally special would be a year-end gift that could help with our planning as we move forward.

Please know that no gift is too small. Earlier this year, during one of our Sundae fundraisers, one elementary student pulled out her small change purse and gave what she could, just like the woman who gave “two pennies” at the temple. All donations are appreciated and cherished by us and by the children whose lives we are able to touch thanks to your generosity.

On behalf of all our volunteers and myself, again, thank you.  May God bless you and your families in this Thanksgiving and Nativity Season.

Please check the website for regular updates.  You will find there a way to donate online or you may send any donation to:

FOCUS West Central PA

P.O. Box 445039

Pittsburgh, PA 15264-5039

*Please make checks out to “FOCUS West Central PA.”


God Bless,

Father Seraphim Moslener, Director