We’re giving hope.



As we approach Lent I want to place a challenge before you. Yes, be in prayer and attending services. There is a challenge that two of us have taken on in our ministry. During March we are looking for 100 people to make a $20 a month donation for 12 months to feed 100 elementary students over the remainder of this school year and well into next school year. Yes, it is a one year, monthly commitment but two of us know and believe it will be done. Our budget for an entire school year is $24,000 for this part of our ministry. We began in February delivering 100 bags of food to two elementary buildings in Big Beaver Falls. We will be scheduling events this year to provide funds to expand that work. I want to ask you to ask your spouse, friend, family member or neighbor to take up this cause. We plan to have 100 persons committed and donating by the end of March through next February.

I want to thank as always our volunteers, supporters, and donors for their energies and love for this ministry. Please push the “donate” tab on this web page for the address or way to contribute.

Thank you again and may the Lord deeply bless this year for all of us and those we serve.

Deacon Ron Seraphim Moslener, Director