We’re giving hope.


Greetings to our volunteers, donors, and supporters:

In a recent annual report given to our national FOCUS office I noted that FOCUS WEST CENTRAL PA had over 1500 hours of service provided by over 50 volunteers. They served this past year in various programs which included the backpack program now serving 200 elementary students per week; emergency food to those in need, Saturday breakfast to hungry and homeless, and clothing for children, teens, and adults. There are those who cannot be present to help in these ways but provide monetary donations to continue the work. Each person has been a gift to our ministry. I cannot place a value on any of them.

As I finish my commitment for two years as volunteer coordinator at the end of February I invite your prayers for the director currently being sought. You should know that my greatest joy in this work has been to serve with those who carry the needs of others in their hearts. I do not have words to express seeing this week in and week out. Thank you for your own donation of time, energy, or support as you have freely given. May you be richly blessed by Him who has given His Life for the World.

Fr Seraphim Moslener, Director