We’re giving hope.


To our volunteers, helpers, supporters and donors: Thursday, May 25, was our last packing of bags for the elementary students this school year. We were blessed that night to gather at the Center to have volunteers meet one and enjoy the evening with delicious desserts and remarks by Dr Donna Nugent, Superintendent of Big Beaver Falls School District. She said something that touched me deeply. She was remarking how students would get off the bus on Friday and say: “It’s Friday, we get our bags today.” She also said other parents have asked about receiving them for their children. We know there are more children. Our Feed the Kids Campaign that was organized by Dimitri Pappan and Jeannette Holko netted over $2600 in one month. The campaign will be back again this year and we are still hoping to raised $24,000 as there are always more students and more school districts. I would be grateful for your help in directing people to our website and use the opportunity to ask them to donate $20, a month, for a 12 month period.

One more story. We had a record number of people in the office today (10) asking for food (I should never forget when the end of the month is coming). Mothers with their young children were very grateful. Perhaps the most grateful was a couple who came back from the day before as I was able to call them to offer clothes that were donated when they requested them on Thursday. (Our turn around time on that was 24 hours). Why would an adult couple need clothes? Truth be known they are homeless and have been living in the woods in Beaver Falls waiting on their apartment. It has been raining for 4 days in a row. I was so glad to hear him tell me he was going today to see an apartment today. The food they asked for: cans with flip top lids and plastic spoons and forks, and cheerios with peanut butter. They were so very grateful and I am so grateful for each of you.

What made my day came the day before when people coming to our volunteer night brought emergency food to help restock. The shelves are getting empty again. Canned meats, raviolis with meat, spaghetti and sauce, and fruit are the most popular items.

Thank you for so many prayers, your time, energy, and donations. All donations may be made via our website or checks made out to: “FOCUS WEST CENTRAL PA” and mailed to: FOCUS, PO Box 645039, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-5039

Deacon Ron Seraphim Moslener, Director